Businesses should be able to benefit from our knowledge and regain access to their stolen data without having to reach deep into their pockets. That's why we offer the most affordable Cyber Threat Intelligence platform on the market, while maintaining the highest possible quality standards.  Please request a live demo using our contact form. Sales to end customers are made through our partners. Please ask us to refer you to a partner in your region.

One time research access

One time access (Kd-STP)

5 days research access, max 1 client, unlimited queries
$ 490

One time access (Kd-STM)

5 days research access, 3 clients, unlimited queries
$ 790

Kaduu Monitoring subscription: Monthly flat fee. Price per end client.


$ 50/mo*

  • Maximum 5 domains
  • Maximum 500 Employees
  • Account monitoring
  • Leak Monitoring


$ 90/mo*

  • Maximum 10 domains
  • Maximum 1000 Employees
  • Account monitoring
  • Leak Monitoring
  • Domain  Monitoring
  • E-Mail Monitoring


$ 170 /mo *

  • Unlimited domains per client
  • Maximum 5000 Employees
  • Account monitoring
  • Leak Monitoring
  • Domain Monitoring
  • Domain Analysis (ML based)
  • E-Mail Monitoring
  • Botnet Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Paste Site Monitoring
  • Git Site Monitoring
  • Certificate Log Monitoring
  • Ransomware Leak Monitoring
  • Onion Site Monitoring
  • Hacker Forum Monitoring
  • IOT Monitoring
  • Credit Card Monitoring
  • App Store Monitoring
  • IP Monitoring

*The prices shown here are calculated per month for the MSSP end client.   Pricing (USD): "Pay-as-you-go". Free access to the platform. Prices only for MSSP.  Minimum 5 clients within 12 months. 


Do we see all passwords in cleartext?

For security reasons, you only see part of the passwords. However, you can request that all information be displayed free of charge.

Prices are displayed as MSSP prices - what do we charge the end client?

Data from Kaduu is usually analysed and processed by an analyst of the participating partners before it is forwarded to the customer. The partner is free to set its own prices.

I have multiple clients: How much discount do I get?

The more end customers a partner registers on Kaduu, the cheaper the monthly prices. Discounts: 10 % Discount > 5 clients, 20 % > 10 clients, 35 % > 20 clients. More clients: On demand

What are the requirements to get access to Kaduu?

Only verified partners get access to Kaduu. We do not sell subscriptions to private persons or organisations without official entry in chamber of commerce. We reserve the right to deny access to certain organisations.

What are our general terms of services?

The minimum subscription period for a monitoring service is 6 months and will automatically renews if not cancelled 30 days prior to expiry. Included in the access is a free onboarding training (1h). Additional Support: 90 $/h. Plese find our ToS below.