Kaduu dashboard samples

Flexible search

Kaduu supports the most flexible search queries of any tool on the market. For example, you can search for all file types that contain the client's name or a similar name with a maximum variation of 2 characters in a specifc format and date range.


Putting data in context

Our analysts evaluate the data found and create the corresponding descriptions so that the clients can assess the risk accordingly..

Real-time insight into the Darknet 

Kaduu allows a live insight into the Darknet and Deep Web. Have you ever wanted to know which .onion websites are currently talking about your organisation or in which forums technicians are currently discussing your technologies?


Clear data presentation

Kaduu gives a preview of the data found, so that you can quickly filter relevant from false positives. Metainformation is also provided for all data. This includes the link to the place where the data was found, the date, the author and much more.

Direct access to the raw data

Our partners have the possibility to get direct access to the raw data in order to carry out further analyses.


In-depth analysis

In all areas of Kaduu, you can perform in-depth analyses manually or automatically. For example, if the system has found similar domains of the customer, you can immediately find out where the servers are located, by whom they were registered, whether a website is already running on it and what it looks like.

Live reserach

Attackers are very creative in their choice of domains. Kaduu helps you seperate the legitimate domains from the malicious ones.