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Tailored for MSSPs and security vendors

Kaduu extends automated threat intelligence scans with manual activities performed by security analysts. The automated scans search the surface web as well as the darknet for sensitive information (leaks, botnet data, social media exposure, email exposure, etc.). Our security analysts are in contact with carefully selected actors from the darknet and thus receive a unique insight into ongoing data theft. All information is collected and indexed and made available to selected partners: Kaduu specializes in MSSP's and security vendors. Kaduu’s threat intelligence feed can be easily added to your solutions portfolio with no upfront investment in additional hardware or software. Kaduu integrates seamlessly with the most popular platforms via a simple API option or a visual user interface.

Boost your sales
Telling organizations that they are at risk of having their credentials compromised is one thing, but if you can show that, then that has a different impact! Use Kaduu to show customers and prospects their risk in real time. And once clients have seen their data on the Darknet, they want to stay informed about such leaks in the future. This effect leads to quick sales and serves as a starting point for many other discussions on security topics with your customers.

Onboarding Process

Partner onboarding

After the free registration on Kaduu, we will give your team a short introduction to Kaduu and show how to retrieve data from the different sources and filter it for relevant risks.

Client Onboarding

For your first project, our team will again support you in creating the correct search queries and evaluations. If required, you can also create your own accounts on Kaduu for your clients.


Payment is made only after successful completion of the project: There are no financial risks for our partners due to high upfront investments.

Why us?

Work with us

From security experts for security experts: Our experienced penetration testers and former hackers are at your disposal. That's how we reach our goal together.  Our analysts help with the usage of Kaduu. You become part of a fast-growing community that supports each other in the common tasks. Your feedback is important to us!

Grow your business

Cybersecurity is an important topic for CEOs and CISOs. But it is also an issue for every customer in every industry. Kaduu can be used as an entry-level tool for selling cybersecurity: You can give customers a live demonstration of the consequences of a lack of security infrastructure or security awareness. This positions your company as a qualified partner in this area

Great Flexibility 

Fixed, very favorable prices that are not dependent on the size of the company mean higher margins, but also the possibility to serve markets that do not have access to it due to the usually elevated prices. We offer Pay-As-You-Go models or as an alternative we can create a package at a fixed price for one year in advance - with the according discounts. You have no risk: If the planned budget is not used up, the license can be transferred in the following year without additional costs.


Franco Cerminara

Chief Consulting Officer Infoguard 

We are the leading managed security service provider in Switzerland. Kaduu helps us to enrich data as part of our threat intelligence and SOC service.

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